Comparison luxurious room outside and inside the house.

Let us compare between luxury room outside and inside the house.
This house even though a simple but designed for young couples, wives who want to stay in the classroom and the husband to stay in the sky, according to the architect. This appears to contradict a dream together in planning an unusual house, which includes housing on the ground floor and bedroom on the second floor, and office space on the third floor to the roof terrace is open. . South-glass facade is dressed cedar sun screen, for personal benefit or for aesthetics. Carlander Architects Vandeventer is the brains behind this remarkable luxurious room in the house outside and within urban - living Madrona located in Seattle, Washington. Sun-soaked interiors flooded with natural light through tall windows starting from the ground to the roof with a linear floor plan design, this compact home to accommodate the needs of couples to live, work, socialize and relax, all within a busy urban setting.
luxurious room outside and inside

luxury room outside

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