Green Homes Designs

Today, green home designs or green concepts become more preferable since the global warming always be part of the daily discussion. Almost all people want to have a green home in order to save the environment from the great effect of the global warming.  

Before going to build the green home, there are some important aspects that must be considered both for the home owners and the designers. The first thing that must be considered is about the materials. As we know that concepts of green home designs are Eco-friendly homes that must use Eco-friendly materials, furnishing and leftovers. Some materials that perceived as the best Eco-friendly materials are crock, bamboo and eucalyptus. Besides that those materials are Eco-friendly, those materials are also renewable.

See the pictures of the green homes below!

Green Homes
Green Homes 1
Green Homes 2

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Jess Holmes on 24 April 2013 at 13:43 said...

I've been especially interested in going green after touring some green homes in Tennessee. Thanks for sharing the great photos!

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