Interior Design Styles

In most design projects, a great deal of planning takes place before the selection of furnishings. Designers consider the function of the space, the personalities and life-style of the occupants of the residence, the architectural characteristics of the dwelling, the lighting, color preferences and colors adjacent to the space-both indoors and out, the 'givens' of the space, including the materials used on the exterior and the interior of the building and, of course, the budget parameters. As the planning develops, furniture is considered only in a generalized way. Designers often use generic templates to space plan. What determines the style of furniture to be used? How will you know which styles to mix and how to do so with confidence, cleverness, and originality? Will you develop a single style, French country, classic modern, Asian, West Indies, neo-classical or will you enjoy working with a variety of styles?

The observation of historical development in architecture, interior design and furniture will often help you tap into a style that pleases you. None of these three elements can be studied separately, so this is a large topic, particularly for people who have little historical background or design experience in one style only. Have you heard it said that to break the rules you must know the rules? This is true in design. Unless you know the various architectural characteristics of different historical times and how interiors were designed to function in a way that complemented those interiors, you will never be able to fully appreciate how designers use their knowledge of style and history for inspiration, going beyond direct imitation with clever or respectful references to the past, while being innovative and original. Make it a point to visit historic buildings and interiors, museums and homes to learn about the historical development of design. The story of furniture is inextricably linked with the story of civilization, in our case western civilization primarily, since it was the Europeans who came to the U.S. first, bringing with them their belongings, memories and skills. The further back you go in history, the less you can know about residential interiors, since only buildings made of stone or items carefully hidden from the elements survived to give us insight into a way of life. When we look at historical artifacts, we are typically seeing what once belonged to the governing elites or the aristocracy-unless of course we look at public buildings designed for use by everyone-civic buildings, temples, churches, even baths. We only know about more modest dwellings of very recent times.

Developments in furniture styles are stimulated by the following: political or economic change, discoveries (such as the archaeological excavations of Pompeii and King Tut's tomb); contact with faraway places-seeing something new; changes in technology and production techniques and the keen creative power of gifted designers working to meet the needs of their era for both function and beauty. Each historic style period has unique influences and particular style characteristics. As an informed designer, you want to be able to recognize and identify the various eras of design style and the characteristics of the various historic styles. Hopefully you will enjoy the exploration of style that you encounter in this section, acknowledging and appreciating the power of human adaptability and creativity in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing designs.

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Interior Design Games

If you love beautifying your home, or want to create any virtual world, or even dream of yourself being an interior designer, then it is time you start practicing by playing building design games.

With these interesting online games, the designer can create his own building model, in just a few minutes and even make changes easily. To become a successful interior designer or a builder, one requires practicing and these games are amongst the best choices which can help an individual create unique models and make changes as and when required.

These games allow one to create exclusive designs and enjoy additions in the design as per the future requirements. Many builders must have surely thought of living in an apartment which is exclusive and has all the amenities of a 7 star hotel. With building design games, one can create stunning rooms with exceptional facilities and themes, to fulfill his dream of living in an elite world.

Unique features of interior design games

These games permit one to design his dream home utilizing several appliances and furniture. One can even add several colors and wood styles which shall help one to identify the best choice for his building. The individuals are even free to create their garden patch, contemporary bed designs, TV cabinets, fence, desks, game rooms, bathroom furnishings, bookcases, gym equipments, garage doors and lots of other unique products.

It is quite interesting to know that one can also design a luxurious and royal bathroom and select from different accessories available. He can select a 'scenery maker' and visualize his fashion related envisions through building design games. Not only this, such games will also allow one to be a 'fashion designer' and create a huge mall containing many luxury stores with all popular brands one has ever dreamt of.

Apart from organizing such fashion malls, one can also design some historical buildings that he would have viewed in any classic movie by putting across his creativity and familiarity with history.

So, whether one wants to become an interior decorator, fashion designer or building architect, he can accomplish all his goals just by playing building design games and create something exceptional and unique.

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Interior Design Software

Interior design students will use interior design software that the professionals use in their everyday designing work. A popular program is SmartDraw. With the program you get thousands of ready-made graphics for fixtures for the kitchen, bathroom and for furniture. Other graphics include lighting fixtures, cabinets, landscape elements and office furniture.

The interior design software also includes textures for tiled floors, custom cabinetry and granite countertops. Smartdraw is easy to use software that will help you create fantastic design plans in minutes. It is quite fast and easy.

You will be able to design anything with SmartDraw interior design software such as house and garage plans, offices, kitchen and bathroom plans and even closet plans. 
The software is a real time saver for the interior design student and professional. This software is downloadable and ready to use right away.

SmartDraw interior design software offers free tech support and examples from professional interior design plans.

Another interior design software is Microspot Interiors. This software is designed for the Mac and allows the user to visualize their plans in 3D. This software is simple to use for both professionals and do it yourself home designers.

Microspot Interiors is a interior design software that is very popular among Mac users because of it's simplicity and the price tag which is just a fraction of the cost of most professional design software. The power of this software allows the user to come up with unlimited design possibilities. The advanced drawing tools of the software do most of the work. You can design the shape of the room and add virtually anything you want. You can also design the rooms in any particular size you want. Lighting tools are used to add sunlight to a room as well.

Microspot Interiors includes hundreds of furniture items and accessories, many of which were requested by users in the Microspot users' forum.

Interior design software is used extensively in the interior design profession. It allows the designer to virtually look at what their design plan will look like before implementing it.

Many interior design schools will offer online learning as part of their curriculum. The online method is designed so that the student can set their own pace and style of learning according to what really works best for them.

Interior design software is very helpful and useful but it requires a computer with a monitor that has the capacity for a high resolution that works with complex graphics. You will also need a lot of space on your hard drive to save files and to run the program. 
It would be a good idea to save your files to a re-writeable CD or DVD as well for backup.

There are many interior design software programs available on the market. If you can get a trial copy then that will give you a chance to test the product before buying.

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Interior Design Schools

Interior design is one of the most interesting and rewarding fields for the creatively and artistically inclined. To become a highly respected and sought-after interior designer, you must exhibit originality and a heightened sense of aesthetic purpose to understand and carry out clientele demands. This starts with a strong and solid foundation in the elements of design.

Proper training for Interior Designers

Proper training is important for an interior designer. Your raw talent in determining complimentary colors and putting things together may not suffice to get your career up and running. It may usher you into the right school and impress possible mentors but you need years of studying different design principles and applications before you?re ready to try it on your own. Professional interior designers have earned their knowledge, skills, and experience by spending years in interior design schools. And even with a degree in interior design, most of them find that continuous learning prepares and enables them to answer the demands of this highly dynamic and diverse field.

Interior design schools introduce would-be designers to the basics of visual and practical arts. They equip their students to handle the different aspects of interior design and interior architecture; landscaping and garden design; color combination principles and consultancy; and curtains and soft furnishings. Graduates of interior design schools are expected to be experts in building and accessory materials as well. An interior designer must not only be able to choose the most appropriate accents or layout design for a space but also determine the most suitable, durable, and cost efficient materials that suit the accents, furniture, and interior structures.

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Interior Design Salary

Types of Solutions Provided by Interior Designer

Usually the interior designer will provide solutions with three aspects. Solutions they provide would be functional and applicable to the environment. Secondly, such solutions should invariably enhance the quality in the interior environment of the structure with which they are working. Finally, the solution should also be aesthetically attractive and acceptable. At the same time with the customer consciousness about greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency across the globe, encouraging the principles of environmental sustainability would be the other requirement.

Interior Design Process

Normally the interior design process would be very systematic and coordinated. Designer has to undertake a lot of research, analysis, and integration works to run the creative process. Basic objective of the design process would be satisfying the requirements of the client and the interior space taking a shape fulfilling the goals of the project.

Interior Design Job Specification

Multiple aspects of interior design jobs include environmental psychology, designing the products, decorative patterns, and architecture. Designers have to take special care of aesthetics and cosmetics. Floor plans, home renovation as well construction codes will all have impact on the work of the designer. Job of the designer is not confined to residences alone but encompasses all types of commercial, cultural, strategic, and heritage structures as well.

Training and Specialization

In many countries including USA and UK, the interior designers require special accreditation. Prior to that, they must complete the academic courses on interior designing. Many universities, colleges, and schools offer such training and specialization courses and a host of online academies are now offering perfectly valid online degrees as well. In United States trained interior designers can appear in the LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design examination to receive their accreditation in the most potent area of interior designing.

Continuous Evolution

With the frequently changing tastes of people all over the world it is natural that the interior designing also undergoes continuous evolution. Today, however all designs are made with a special emphasis on the environmental aspects for maintaining the ecological balance. Skill in these fields help the designer get enhanced interior design salary.

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